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The story of me, and being inbred.

Ok my name is Tim. And yes I am inbred. I will start out by telling you, I was adopted to my grandparents at birth. My mother didn't give a rats ass about me. She said I cramp her style. But after a while she has been trying to get me back, why? so she can go party and have sex with men like the little slut she is while I babysit her other 4 kids that i might add have 3 different fathers. Anyways!! you are probably wondering how I am inbred? well lets explain it shall we? My Birthmother when she was in her early 20's i believe got with her uncle and had sex with him. Both of them did it willingly, but I came as the result to there sin's. So I was adopted at birth to my grandparent's. Now being adopted to my grandparent's make them my legal parent's. Which also makes my mom, my sister because I was adopted to her parent's. Now my Birthdad would become my Dad/Uncle/Great Uncle. You know why he is my dad, but he is my uncle because of adoption to my grandparents, considering he was my grandfathers brother. Which would make my grandfather my uncle as well. Anyways, he is my great uncle because im the son of his neise. Man this is all F***ed up isnt it? Ok lets continue, my legal brother that I live with would be my Uncle also. And if he were to ever get married his wife would be my sister-in-law/Aunt/cousin. And it goes on and on.

Ok so right now you are most likely 1. Very confused. 2. About to puke. or 3. Laughing your ass off. But hey it's all the truth. You are also probably wondering why someone would post this information on the internet. well let me ask you something. Why not? Im not offended by the fact of me being inbred. why? because i could do nothing to control it. I hate my mother for doing it and I have never seen my father, and I could care less if i ever do see him :).

Where does it start? Where does it end?

<--- Check it out

If you could see my Family tree as an actual tree. this is probably what it would look like.

Here is a poem I wrote on it.

If I were to plant a seed one day.
And it were of my family tree.
It would be different in some way.
For the roots would connect to the leaves.
Oh but a great tree it would be.
Though it tangled like a tumble weed.
You gaze at the branches you count 8.
Those same 8 quickly turn to 16.

My parents who told me 5 years early.
My brother who then cried like a little girly.
My mother who her own uncle screwed.
5 kids 4 fathers you can tell she's loose.
So now you know my mom is a whore.
She is always going back for more.
But please, dont have me for what my parents did in bed.
Im not the cause, but only the product of inbred.